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We aim to help you bring your home and vision to life with quality products, advice, and design support.

Your home is your refuge, and we understand how important it is to make it feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible and to reflect your personality.

We are available to help you overcome any design struggles. We can help you by confirming measurements, furniture choices, and décor pieces, all to assist you in creating your ideal living space. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to incorporate your Prized Possessions with new & stunning Canadian-Made furniture and décor pieces from our in-store or extensive custom order selections. We will help you furnish and style your home with in-store or customized just-for-you products!

With our complimentary design support, we are ready to help you realize your vision and create a beautiful home.

How do you start?

The process begins much like any furniture shopping experience. Choose the room or area of your home you wish to update or furnish. Make a note of your room measurements, the size of the wall you want to place the sofa you are replacing on, or any other space information you think may help. Bring this information, colour samples, or magazine inspiration photos, and come by the store.

Pre-shopping checklist!

Room measurements

Design Inspiration: gathered from magazine clippings, Pinterest

Ideas of fabric patterns you would like to incorporate

Know your BUDGET

Next, browse the store and see if anything catches your eye. One of our staff members will introduce themselves, and you can explain what you are looking for, book a time slot using the calendar link below or give the store a call. We are happy to set a specific time to meet with you or leave things flexible to meet your scheduling needs.

Your Countrytime Furniture staff consultant will be there to get an idea of what you desire. They will answer your questions and make helpful recommendations throughout the process.

From minor style updates to complete transformations, our skilled staff members will guide you through every step.

Once you have narrowed your search with some preliminary furniture selections, the collaboration really begins. Your Countrytime Staff consultant will explore the level of assistance you want. Do you require an in-home visit to confirm measurements? Do we need you to provide some interior photos?

Your Countrytime Furniture staff consultant will ask you:

How will you use the room?

What colours do you like?

What fabrics speak to you?

What styles inspire you?

We want to get to know you and your style to help you fulfill your vision and adhere to your budget. The more we know you, the better the collaboration will be.

Start Planning your space!

You will start making decisions regarding furniture selection, fabric options, and accessories. Our staff will guide you by asking more and more questions along the way and making suggestions about combinations or order options. Consider visiting the store several times to check out your furniture options in person and do sit tests. If you are painting walls or replacing flooring, you will likely want to bring in paint and floor samples to match with key pieces you want to order.

Our staff are not professional interior designers; they are not here to take over your home design or to make choices for you. They are guides through the furniture buying and home styling process. You are always in control; it is your vision, space, and home we are helping you to bring to life.

Before making your final decisions, we will help you to visualize what your room will look like so that you feel comfortable and confident with your final decision.

Place your Order & wait for Delivery.

Once you are satisfied with the final selections, the Design Consultant will place the Order.


Our staff will ensure your furniture is set up and placed where ever you wish. No packaging or garbage is left behind.

If you are delighted with your experience, consider participating in a Before & After testimonial.

Are you ready to begin your design project? We are here for you!

We look forward to meeting you and making your furniture dreams a reality!