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Our Story

Countrytime is a family owned and operated furniture business. We specialize in handcrafted, Canadian- made, solid wood and Mennonite furniture, along with Canadian-made leather and fabric upholstered furniture. We carry every style from rustic, classic, and industrial to contemporary.

One of the largest solid wood furniture showrooms in Eastern Canada — Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor in Kingston — surpasses all expectations with a stunning showroom that beautifully shows a collection of furniture that will suit any home decor.

Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor has a revered reputation for providing the finest quality furniture and home accessories. Founded over 15 years ago by owner David Culmer, Countrytime is a family owned and operated furniture store that caters to every taste and every style. The company has done exceptionally well for its many customers over the years — so much so that Countrytime can now lay claim to having one of the largest furniture showrooms in Eastern Canada, at a stunning 30,000 square feet. The store has long specialized in the finest quality handmade, solid wood furniture, Mennonite- made furniture, and custom-designed furniture. But furniture options at Countrytime extend far beyound the traditional. Our showroom showcases very extensive products, from forward-looking and trendy to classic and rustic. Countrytime showcases a diverse range of styles all in one place, emphasizing both quality and local sourcing.

You’ll find every furniture style at Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor. Any room of your home can be furnished — kitchen, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment rooms. Top-line products made in Ontario and Quebec are featured, including brands such as Conestoga, Bauman, Handstone, Vokes, and more. Leather and fabric upholstery brands include Superstyle and Legacy Leather. Accessories are equally impressive.

One of the store’s specialties is Mennonite-made furniture. Each of these handmade pieces is superbly well-designed. As Culmer says, “When people think of solid wood or Mennonite-made furniture, they often envision clunky pieces, or very traditional furniture, but,” he goes on to say, “that is simply no longer the case.” Furniture styles are very current and very modern. What’s more, custom-made options are available. If a particular piece is wanted, we can fulfill most customer requests. The latest furniture trends are easily adaptable to your personal taste, thanks to the customizable options.

Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor sells furniture that stands the test of time. The company is up-to- date and progressive with furniture trends, so don’t let the “country” in “Countrytime” fool you — furniture options can be modern and contemporary. Even if you live outside the Kingston region, this showroom is worth the drive, and you’ll be glad you came!

Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor is located at 1245 Midland Avenue in Kingston, Ontario. Contact the store by calling 613-634-1400.