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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize?

Certainly, certain companies permit us to modify existing pieces. The typical customization options encompass dimensions, wood type, stain selection, fabric or leather choice, and hardware options.

Do you deliver and what are your hours of delivery?

We employ our own dedicated delivery team to provide delivery services in Kingston and its surrounding areas.

We provide delivery services from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, and we will schedule a specific 2-hour delivery window to ensure you don’t have to wait the entire day.

Can you buy off the floor?

Most items are available right off the floor. We prefer not to sell certain sets directly from the floor since customers are less likely to order them if they can’t see them.

What is the typical time for an order to arrive?

For every Canadian company, the timeline for incoming orders varies.

Wood is generally 8 to 10 +/- weeks for Ontario builders (can be longer depending on company and how busy they are)

Fabric and Leather 10 to 16 +/- weeks (can be longer if the fabric/ leather is not in stock)

Mattresses 6 +/- weeks