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Meet the Countrytime Furniture Family

At Countrytime Furniture, we pride ourselves on our personal and educational shopping experience. Our team of knowledgeable design consultants works alongside you, helping you select furniture that suits your unique taste, space, and lifestyle.

Let us introduce you to our family of staff so you can get a feel for who’s a part of the team before you come in – it is always nice to see a familiar face.

Amy Baker

“In love with life”

Amy brings effervescence to every customer interaction. Her personality brings brightness to every room that is matched only by her love of colour. She joined the Countrytime Furniture customer service team during  the Covid Pandemic, and her enthusiasm and joy filled the store. With over 15 years of customer service experience, Amy has brought a natural gift to our home design team. Amy is responsible for assisting Luana in staging the store, and she brings that eye for detail to the planning table when consulting on every purchase. Amy loves colour coordination, and she uses that joy when helping clients find just what they need for their homes, whether designing an entire room or adding some final touches. Amy loves what she does and that love is evident when working with her, designing spaces that are functional, yet stylish and personalized. With years of experience in retail sales, combined with her attention for detail, helping customers discover and create just what they need in their home is Amy’s goal with every Countrytime Customer.

Amy is sure to help you bring your home furniture dreams to life.

Michael Seguin

“Education is Key”

Michael faces the challenges of each day with a determination to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Having spent numerous years in the customer service industry in various capacities, Michael has discovered that nothing brings more fulfillment than the opportunity to deliver truly memorable experiences. He firmly believes that educating customers is essential in ensuring they make informed decisions.

With a genuine demeanor and a passion for his work, Michael has excelled in building successful and sustainable relationships with customers. His commitment to going above and beyond has established him as a trusted and valued professional in the field of customer service. Through his unwavering dedication, Michael consistently provides exceptional service, leaving a lasting impact on those he interacts with.

Reem Mayasa

Crafting Multicultural Home Stories

“Meet Reem, our dynamic addition to Countrytime Furniture for the past 3 months. With a background in architecture and international experience, Reem brings a fresh and diverse perspective to our sales team. She collaborates with clients, using her keen eye for aesthetics and functionality to transform spaces into personalized havens. As a proud newcomer to Canada, Reem understands the importance of creating homes that reflect multicultural experiences, ensuring each client’s unique tastes are captured in her designs. Beyond her professional endeavors, Reem is not just an architect but a storyteller, infusing global inspiration into our team and the spaces she curates at Countrytime Furniture. So, the next time you step into Countrytime Furniture, say hello to Reem—a design enthusiast and inspiration for our team.”

Ortenzio Vecchio – General Manager

“Numbers Maestro, BBQ Enthusiast”

Meet Ortenzio, the guiding force of Countrytime Furniture, as our esteemed General Manager. Ortenzio has been with us since the very beginning, shaping the company’s success from day one.

Born and raised in Kingston, Ortenzio is deeply rooted in the local community. He’s not just passionate about the business; he’s also a devoted family man. With two kids of his own, he’s experienced the joys and challenges of raising a family right here in Kingston.

Here’s a fun twist: Ortenzio’s kids are heavily involved in competitive wrestling. Yes, you read that right! When he’s not crunching numbers or strategizing for the business, he’s cheering on his wrestling superstars. Talk about a supportive dad!

As General Manager, Ortenzio is responsible for all financial activities, delivery and planning, staff coordination, and warehouse organization. He’s the maestro behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

But it’s not all business with Ortenzio. He loves to surprise the staff with random BBQ sessions. Picture this: the tantalizing aroma of sizzling burgers and juicy sausages wafting through the office, creating a mouth-watering frenzy among the team. Ortenzio knows the power of good food and camaraderie and is always ready to fire up the grill and create unforgettable moments for the staff.

With Ortenzio at the helm, Countrytime Furniture thrives under his leadership, combining the values of family, community, and hard work. He’s the driving force behind our success, and his dedication to both the business and his loved ones set him apart.

So, when you step into our store, keep an eye out for Ortenzio. He’s the man who effortlessly blends into the background while ensuring everyone is well-fed and inspired. Cheers to Ortenzio Vecchio, our passionate General Manager who truly knows how to balance the art of business and the love for family!

Herm – Delivery Manager & Warehouse Lead Hand

“Hat-titude Guaranteed”

Look out for the guy sporting a ball cap at Countrytime Furniture because chances are you’ve spotted, Herm. With an impressive 14-year journey, Herm is our reliable Delivery Manager and Warehouse Lead Hand, known for his signature accessory that rarely leaves his head.

A true Kingston native, Herm’s ball cap has become a part of his identity. It symbolizes his practical and hardworking nature, a constant companion that signifies his dedication to getting the job done right.

In his role, Herm coordinates deliveries with precision and care. From ensuring stock and products are received promptly to orchestrating the smooth transport to our valued customers, Herm leaves no room for mishaps. His expertise extends to inventory control and showroom floor coordination, guaranteeing an impeccable experience.

What truly sets Herm apart is his unwavering commitment to delivering the best service possible. He takes pride in representing our store and our quality furniture, always going the extra mile to make every customer’s experience exceptional.

When Herm is not on deliveries, he embraces his role as a devoted father to his two boys. A lover of the great outdoors, he seizes every opportunity to immerse himself in nature. Herm’s versatile nature and practical skills make him a jack-of-all-trades, always ready to lend a hand and tackle any task that comes his way.

With his steadfast dedication and trusty ball cap in tow, Herm plays a vital role in ensuring our team’s success. When you choose Countrytime Furniture, rest assured that your delivery is in capable hands, guided by Herm’s expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

So, keep an eye out for Herm and his ever-present ball cap. He’s the friendly face behind the seamless delivery process, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your furniture arrives with care and that your experience with us exceeds expectations.

Connor – Delivery team member

“Victorious in all he does”

Meet Connor, a vibrant member of our delivery crew at Countrytime Furniture. With two years of dedicated service under his belt, Connor brings a playful and witty energy to the team, making every workday a lively experience.

Rain or shine, you can often spot him pedaling his way to work, embracing a healthy and eco-friendly commute. Hone great way for him to keep up his fitness level to ensure his passion for wrestling is always a key part of his every day.

Outside of work, he’s a competitive amateur wrestler, representing Canada on a national level. His dedication and skills have led him to participate in regular competitions, including the recent Pan Am Games in 2023, where he proudly secured the 2nd place position. Connor’s wrestling prowess brings a spirit of tenacity and strength to our team.

As part of the delivery crew, Connor plays a vital role in ensuring that all furniture is delivered with the utmost respect and care. From carefully handling each item to assembling them to the customers’ satisfaction, he goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience for our valued patrons.

So, keep an eye out for Connor as he bikes his way to make your furniture dreams come true. He’s the witty and playful dynamo who ensures that your furniture is delivered with respect, assembled with care, and leaves you with a smile on your face.

Meet the team

Tyson – Delivery team member

“Dare to smile”

A valued part-time team member, has been with us at Countrytime Furniture for over five years. When he’s not pursuing his studies at Queens University, he brings his vibrant energy and sportsmanship to our store.

A true sports enthusiast, Tyson has a passion for football, rugby, and wrestling. His athletic background and competitive spirit shine through in everything he does. Whether it’s a touchdown on the football field or a triumphant pin on the wrestling mat, Tyson’s determination is unwavering.

One thing you can always count on with Tyson is his infectious smile. It seems as though he’s never without it, radiating positivity and enthusiasm wherever he goes. Outside of sports and work, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a serious moment with Tyson around.

As a part of our team, Tyson brings his vibrant personality and winning attitude to his role. He’s always ready to tackle any task with a smile and a can-do spirit. Whether it’s assisting customers, restocking shelves, or lending a hand in the warehouse, Tyson’s energy is contagious.

So, the next time you visit Countrytime Furniture, be sure to look for Tyson and his ever-present smile. He’s the embodiment of joy and a testament to the power of positivity in our workplace.

With his vibrant personality and wrestling spirit, Tyson embodies the values of determination, resilience, and commitment to excellence. When he’s on the job, you can expect a level of enthusiasm and attention to detail that guarantees a memorable delivery experience.