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All the colours of the rainbow, well, not quite!

Published on
June 9, 2023

2023 Colours of the Year

Are you looking to have your home feel more on trend this year? Or are you looking to shake things up by adding just a splash of colour? Regardless of your reasons for exploring the new colour palette for 2023, these colour trends don’t disappoint. The 2023 colours of the year palette has something for everyone.

When you reflect on the most recent trends, neutral decor is at the forefront. If you are colour shy, you should know that most of the year’s color trends for 2023 are vivid. Whether its PPG’s colour of the year for Gilden’s choice of a versatile “bluish-greenish-something-in-between” Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6) colour or Benjamin Moore’s designated Color of the Year 2008-30 Raspberry Blush, the theme this year seems to compel vibrant wistfulness. Most colour experts have opted for energetic hits of colour compared to the more calming and subtle choices of the past few years. In fact, with Sherwin-Williams’s announcement of its own 2023 COTY, the beigey-pink Redend Point, one could say that pink hues are in the limelight this year. Are you ready for it?

So how do we use this bold  2023 colours of the year palette?

Add just a Touch of Color

There is no need to join the movement towards over-the-top minimalism with various colours and a profusion of belongings. Instead, add sophisticated and colorful touches to keep a neutral home’s elegance. If you want to be conservative, keep your major furniture pieces like sofas and tables neutral while adding vibrant colour through accents that you switch up as often as you like.

A colorful blanket can add texture and style when casually arrayed over the back of a living room sofa, or throw pillows are an easy way to integrate colour into a neutral room. Accent chairs and accent rugs can add style and help define living areas in large spaces like a great room. There are many ways to take a blank canvas neutral room to the next trend level with interchangeable elements. Take your neutral decor from safe and dull to a vibrant, refreshing, optimistic space.

Explore 2023 colours of the year further.

Raspberry Blush:

Raspberry Blush is just one of the year’s colours that features a pink undertone. Benjamin More’s colour choice progresses towards a warmer terra cotta hue. Benjamin Moore’s color marketing and development director Andrea Magno says the company believed 2023 was “the right time to highlight a dynamic, expressive color that takes people out of their comfort zones.”

Even though Raspberry Blush is a bold choice, even the most colour-resistant person can add this empowering colour to their space. Try a throw blanket or table lamp in the bedroom or a cozy lounge chair in the living room to add a splash of this colour. For significant impact, go for an accent wall in a dining room in this shade.

Redend Point:

Are you looking for a colour that feels like a warm grandmotherly hug? Sue Wadden, director of color marketing with Sherwin-Williams, believes “Redend Point represents warmth and empathy” in their 2023 colour of the Year.”

Sherwins-William’s colour is a warm neutral with a hint of pink with an earthy feel. It is a great colour to use in a teen room or a bathroom as it is reminiscent of makeup colours. The colour has a grounding and calming effect with its rich and warm tones, so any interior space is an option.

Blank Canvas:

If you want a fresh start in your space, Behr Paint Company’s Blank Canvas colour of the year may be what you need. Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and services at Behr, says that “Blank Canvas is the ultimate color of renewal and fresh starts, with transformative power that clears the air and provides a clean background for endless design and decor possibilities for 2023,”

This clean white is a great warm background to any decor and colour choices which makes it a great foundation to explore some of the other trending colours in your space, or if you are looking to simplify your life and space, this is a perfect paint colour to pair with warm wood furniture for a room that has an uncomplicated design aesthetic.

Vining Ivy:

With the resurgence of gardening through the pandemic, we are not surprised to see a colour that brings the outdoors in. “The blue and green undertones create a luxe, ultra-trendy color that is both calming and energizing,” says Alyson Ferrari of PPG about Glidden’s colour of the year pick.

The colour reminds us of the glamorous feel of this Linea Furniture Bergamo sofa. When the blue-green is paired with gold accents, it screams luxury.

Whether cabinetry, a statement furniture piece, or on an accent wall, Glidden’s colour of the year is a welcoming colour option for any home.

Rustic Griege:

Sticking with a medium-toned neutral colour with a slight red undertone for their colour of the year 2023, Dutch Boy Paints opted to focus on a calm and simple shade. A senior color designer at Dutch Boy Paints, Ashley Banbury, says consumers still want “personal spaces that make them feel cozy, protected and calm.” Their focus remained on calming colours derived from nature, and Rustic Griege does not disappoint.

Similar to Redend Point but with less of a pink/red undertone Rustic Greige is a slightly darker take on much of the colours we have seen defining home design and painted cabinetry over the last few years—a perfect colour for any large furniture piece or as the walls in any room.


As a company, we are huge fans of the grounding tones of natural wood, so C2 Paints’ colour choice for 2023 does not disappoint with Tiramisu, a colour inspired by the hues of natural wood and soil. This classic colour choice is a warm brown that pairs well with almost anything allowing for easy colour planning.

Tia Clarida, C2 Paint Marketing Director, said, “Tiramisu symbolizes genuineness, comfort, stability, endurance, and the strength of simplicity.”

This colour pick has apparent longevity, especially when paired with furniture made to last a lifetime. Tiramisu is a perfect colour choice in an office or man cave decorated heavily or containing large furniture pieces—the neutral undertones can help balance the room’s design instead of making it feel busy or over-cluttered. A Portland Double Pedestal Desk from Handstone Furniture would create a demanding space when paired with C2’s colour of the year.


When used well, a show-stopping colour choice like Backdrop’s colour of the year for 2023, titled “colour of the year,” sparks joy with its cheeky nod to rubber boots and elastic bands.

This colour is not for the cautious but for the bold, playful, and young at heart!

Risk-taker or conservative decorator does not matter when you can add a beautiful conversation piece like this Linea Furniture accent chair in 2023’s boldest hue from their Sienna Collection.

Backdrop co-founder Natalie Ebel commented on the hope to “spark some conversation and debate” with Backdrop’s 2023 shade. We believe those using “colour of the Year” in your home decor for 2023 will spark conversation and draw attention with this bright choice, whether used on an accent piece or as the star in a room.


Graham & Brown’s colour of the year follows the earthy trend again with a pink undertone and focus on nature. Alizarin, a spicy deep red-pink tone with an exotic flair used in small spaces, derives a sense of enveloping warmth or adds depth and opulence in a large room.

Red enhances appetite and psychologically stimulates passion and energy, making this compelling colour a natural fit in a dining room. Introduce the shade with fabric dining chairs at the head of your solid wood dining table framed by matching curtains or Linea Furniture’s Libby Bench Collection covered in the perfect fabric. Graham & Brown describes Alizarin as a deep, moody, refreshingly warm auburn hue. Paula Taylor, Head Stylist at the company, says, “we are looking at ways we can evoke a sense of warmth in our homes.” so, whether you are looking for this rich ruddy tone to transport you to ancient and exotic lands or are looking for a creative alternative to traditional neutrals this shade added to your space through curtains, lamp shades, decor pieces or wall colours will provide a comforting impression.

Need help with how to use the 2023 colours of the year to update your space or add just a hint of the newest colour trends? Come in to see one of our team members for a complimentary consultation. We love helping our customers create home spaces they love.

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