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Handstone Jasper Round Dining Table

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Handstone Jasper Round Dining Table

By Handstone

With its glaciated peak often obscured by clouds, Mount Robson is the highest mountain in Jasper National Park. Without a firm handle to hold, even the most experienced climbers have been turned back from its sheer faces. Our Handstone Jasper Round Dining Table embodies that natural splendor of the Park’s unending forests and rugged terrain. Timeless design, just like the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains themselves.

Handstone Jasper Round Dining Table SIZES AVAILABLE:

42” Round Solid Top Dining Table
42+2-12 Round Dining Table
42+3-12 Round Dining Table
48” Round Solid Top Dining Table
48+2-12 Round Dining Table
48+3-12 Round Dining Table
54” Round Solid Top Dining Table
54+2-12 Round Dining Table
60” Round Solid Top Dining Table
60+2-12 Round Dining Table 

 Handstone  Jasper Round Dining Table With Glass Top SIZES AVAILABLE:

42” Round GLASS Top Dining Table
48” Round GLASS Top Dining Table
54” Round GLASS Top Dining Table

Solid Wood Canadian Made options Handstone: The Solid Wood options include: Brushwork Maple, Heritage Maple, Buxton Cherry, Serene Oak and Maple. For different color choices, you can visit us in store and have a look at our variety of stain/paint options.


Round with Center Leaves Configuration

Maximum of 2-12″ Leaves (DO NOT SELF-STORE)

Round Solid Top Configuration

About Handstone

In this day and age, not many things are built to last. But Handstone Furniture isn’t one of them. We refuse to compromise. It’s been that way since we started in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Today we remain a family-owned Canadian manufacturer of custom-made, solid wood furniture. We still hand-select the kiln-dried cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods we work with. We continually invest in adding state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to our facilities. And we never forget that the only thing equal to the precision and accuracy of modern manufacturing process is the technique and attention to detail that comes from having a reverence for old world craftsmanship.

We practice lean manufacturing methods and each piece is built-to-order. Handstone Furniture is different. It takes a little longer to build. You’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. But we think you’ll agree…it’s lasting beauty is worth it.

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