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Yorkshire Bedroom Set

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Yorkshire Bedroom Set

By Handstone

The Yorkshire Bedroom Set Standard Sizing


Yorkshire Single Bed With 32” High Footboard – 42-1/2Wx52Hx85D
Yorkshire Double Bed With 32” High Footboard – 57-1/2Wx52Hx85D
Yorkshire Queen Bed With 32” High Footboard – 64-1/2Wx52Hx91D
Yorkshire King Bed With 32” High Footboard – 81-1/2Wx52Hx91D

Yorkshire Single Bed With 22” Low Footboard – 42-1/2Wx52Hx84D
Yorkshire Double Bed With 22” Low Footboard – 57-1/2Wx52Hx84D
Yorkshire Queen Bed With 22” Low Footboard – 64-1/2Wx52Hx90D
Yorkshire King Bed With 22” Low Footboard – 81-1/2Wx52Hx90D

Yorkshire 4 Drawer Double Condo Bed (2 on end/1 each side) – 57-1/2Wx52Hx82-1/2D
Yorkshire 4 Drawer Queen Condo Bed (2 on end/1 each side) – 64-1/2Wx52Hx88-1/2D
Yorkshire 4 Drawer King Condo Bed (2 on end/1 each side) – 81-1/2Wx52Hx88-1/2D


  • Yorkshire 5 Drawer Hiboy Chest – 41Wx50Hx19-1/8D


  • Yorkshire 6 Drawer Double Dresser – 61-3/4Wx35-1/4Hx19-1/8D
  • Yorkshire 6 Drawer Long Double Dresser – 74Wx35-1/4Hx19-1/8D
  • Yorkshire 8 Drawer Double Dresser – 61-3/4Wx43-1/2Hx19-1/8D
  • Yorkshire 8 Drawer Long Double Dresser – 74Wx43-1/2Hx19-1/8D


  • Yorkshire Landscape Mirror (Y18 & Y18L) – 49Wx35-3/4Hx2-3/4D
  • Yorkshire Low Landscape Mirror (Y28 & Y28L) – 49Wx29-3/4Hx2-3/4D


  • Yorkshire 3 Drawer Nightstand – 26Wx30Hx19-1/8D
  • Yorkshire 1 Door 1 Drawer Nightstand – 26Wx30Hx19-1/8D
    • available with power management

Chattanooga Power Management

About the Yorkshire Bedroom Set

The Yorkshire Bedroom Set collection reinvents the Shaker look adding sweeping curves to create a distinctive, rounded design. The Yorkshire Bedroom Set is a perfect choice for those who desire a hallmark to the historic yet appreciate a modern touch that adds a unique nuance.

Yorkshire Bedroom Set Solid Wood Canadian Made Options From Handstone

Explore Handstone’ s stunning selection of finishes, hardware, and Sunrise Metal,  including Brushwork Maple, Heritage Maple, Sawmill Maple, Buxton Cherry, Serene Oak, and Maple. To discover even more color options, we invite you to visit our store and explore our extensive variety of stain, paint and sunrise metal choices in person.

Brushwork Maple

Brushwork Maple utilizes carefully selected solid Ambrosia Maple, enriched by natural contributors like insects and soil conditions, ensuring both unique characteristics and structural integrity. Incorporating a creative texturing technique, including special acclimatizing pre-treatment and meticulous hand-applied “BRUSHED” distressing, yields a distinctly modern-rustic appearance with durable, user-friendly surfaces, each piece possessing its own personality.

Heritage Maple

Heritage Maple, sourced from the same trees as our Smooth Maple, distinguishes itself by once hosting the Ambrosia Beetle, with insects, temperature changes, and soil conditions influencing each tree’s appearance. The unique markings left by the Ambrosia Beetle create a personalized aesthetic, enhancing the naturally formed network of tunnels and cradles without compromising structural integrity.

Sawmill Maple

Sawmill Maple combines the undeniable beauty of solid authentic Millsawn Ambrosia Maple with the precision and quality of 21st century craftsmanship. Each piece is a true work of art with its own personality. Through a masterful blending of carefully selected raw materials, and the uniquely defined texturing reminiscent of old-world milling processes, Sawmill Maple is a refined rustic surface.

Serene Oak

Serene Oak originates from the revered solid Red Oak tree, renowned for centuries in fine handcrafted home furnishings, symbolizing strength and beauty. Formulated to soften grain patterns for a warm, tranquil effect, our Serene Oak stain colors, protected by ultra-low sheen conversion varnish, suit modern, transitional, and contemporary styles.

Smooth Maple

Smooth Maple, deeply rooted in our Canadian Heritage, offers enduring durability paired with the visual allure of fine-textured, straight-grained hardwood, traditionally used in crafting handcrafted furniture in Canada and the North Eastern United States for generations. Carefully selected for uniform appearance and color consistency, Smooth Maple is accentuated by specially formulated finishes and application techniques, enhancing the inherent beauty of this esteemed hardwood.

Buxton Cherry

Buxton Cherry starts with premium solid Black Cherry, renowned for crafting fine furniture due to its unique markings and color variations. Carefully selected for color consistency, its inner core, or “Heartwood,” boasts a rich, reddish-brown hue with minimal mineral deposits and white sapwood, further enhanced by stains formulated to highlight its beauty.

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